Tote Bags

Tired of your old fashioned shopping bag and are looking for a bright and colourful tote bag instead?


The Large printed cotton tote bags are available in three designs.


Stylish embroidered tote bags available in six designs.


Large hessian delux tote bag, detailed chicken embroidery design with wording ‘Shopaholchick’ for all those chicks that love to shop.

”I was really pleased with the quality of the cotton tote bag, I use mine all the time. Because of the size and strength they are great for the beach, shopping, swimming etc. I used mine for all the endless things needed with a toddler, everything from nappies to wellie boots, and with the long straps going over my shoulder it kept my arms free so I could safely hold my little ones hand”.

The large PRINTED cotton tote bags are available in three designs, ‘Giraffe Junior’, ‘Peep Po Penguins’ and ‘Comfy Kitten’ all these prints were made from watercolour paintings by Sophie.

The stylish EMBROIDERED large cotton tote bags available in six designs. Rockin Robin. Butterfly Gazing Cat. Rouge Poppy Swirls. Cottage Garden Bouquet Flowers. Fluffy Chickens Trio. The Wise Old Couple of Owls.

Contemporary tote

COTTON BAGS: Cream coloured long handled cotton canvas shopping bag. Handle size 58cm. Bag Size 42cm X 39cm X 13cm. Capacity 26 litres. Deluxe quality, strong and box shaped rather than flat enabling them to hold more of your shopping items. Machine washable at 30 degrees or hand wash, iron on the reverse side.

Fun shopping bag

What ever you use your bag for this ShopaholChick loves to help with your shopping, she’s cheap too, “Cheap cheap”. Sophie  :-)

“I spend so much time shopping.  Just love having this more up market hessian bag rather than the supermarket ones. The contemporary chicken is beautiful and the wording ‘Shopaholchick’ has given me lots of humorous conversations with other shoppers”.

The ‘Shopaholchick’ Deluxe Large HESSIAN Shopping Bag. All Country Swirls items have the artist’s signature as part of the design. Embroidery bags have it sewn under the embroidery picture.

So far this hessian bag is only available in one design, the chicken. The bag is made from biodegradable and sustainable hessian. The inside of the bag is laminated to ensure it is waterproof.

The hessian tote bag size is approximately 36cm high X 39cm across X 14cm deep. It has deluxe strong padded handle in a matching hessian fabric.

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